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California state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 65

WARNING! We’ve had reports of officers ticketing sleeping drivers for idling their trucks at truck stops- most recently truck stops in the Fresno area. Watch out! Thanks, Mike D., for the latest update!

Many California weigh station locations have signs on the roadway leading up to them that rental and delivery trucks must enter open weigh stations.

PrePass trucks that receive a green light in California must still enter an open weigh station if they are pulling an oversize/overweight (even permitted) load except LCVs operating with an annual permit that receive a green light. They must also enter an open weigh station if they are operating on a temporary permit to haul hazardous waste/materials.

Weigh stations in California seem to close if the officers realize the ramps are full. Maybe they monitor the cb- it often seems that when drivers start complaining about it, they close the scales. If you’re lucky, you’ll be the one driving by. California weigh stations take quite a bit of time to cross- the speed limits are low and the weighing is slow. They do have a lane dedicated to empty trucks to cut down on the back up, but they still weigh them- this isn’t the honor system.

No one is relaxed when entering a California weigh station. Several weigh stations have a lot of inspection bays and a lot of officers performing inspections, but even the weigh stations with small facilities perform inspections. The Banning weigh station used to sell t-shirts saying I SURVIVED THE BANNING SCALES. The weigh station itself didn’t profit from the sales. They profited a police club.

If you have a spread axle or tri-axle trailer with more than 8 feet from the center of the first axle to the center of the rear axle, you can have a trailer axle weight up to 42,000. Except in California. California rounds to the nearest whole number. So if you have 8 feet 5 inches, they round the distance up to 9 feet and you’re good to haul the weight. But if you have 8 feet 4 inches, they round down and you’re limited to 34,000. They do not always check the distance- but they do sometimes check it. Be aware.

California (along with Oregon and Washington) issues CVSA stickers for trucks and trailers that have passed inspections. The stickers are color coded and have cut-outs on the corners. This system allows a DOT officer to look at your windshield and know at a glance if you’ve passed an inspection and when.

Diesel sold in California is often referred to as “California Gold.” The fuel prices in California have historically been much higher than in the surrounding states. In the past several years, the surrounding states have been giving California a run for their money on having the highest fuel prices.

It’s a good idea to check fuel prices online and decide where you are going to buy ahead of time. Historically, truckers have found that fuel is cheaper in Ripon, Barstow or Bakersfield and more expensive at the truck stops in Ontario, San Diego, San Francisco and along route 101. Things change daily, so basing your decisions on what has “historically” been the case does not always work out.

If you’re looking for a lot of excitement at a truck stop, plan to stay over at one of the Ontario truckstops, south west of the I 10, I 15 junction. There are two T.A. truck stops there. The one on the west side of Milliken Avenue has a reputation for being slightly more wild than the one on the east side. Plan to pay for parking if you don’t buy fuel, shop service or items from the store.

If you prefer a less expensive and less dramatic truck stop experience, plan to park in Barstow at Lenwood road or in Wheeler Ridge (just north of the Grapevine, south of the junction of I 5 and route 99). Both locations have services for 18 wheelers- truck washes, fueling, repair, tire and maintenance shops, and personal services.

The California fuel tax rate is $0.476 per gallon of diesel. This rate includes a 6% state sales tax and a 1.25% county tax.

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Important Phone Numbers:
CHP Northern Division: 530-225-2715
CHP Valley Division: 916-464-2090
CHP Golden Gate Division: 707-648-4180
CHP Central Division: 559-277-7250
CHP Southern Division: 818-240-8200
CHP Border Division: 951-849-5646
CHP Coastal Division: 805-549-3261
CHP Inland Division: 661-824-2408
Motor Carrier Safety Unit Central Division: 559-445-6992
Motor Carrier Safety Unit Southern Division: 661-395-2921


Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Murphys RT 4 – wb Murphys
Cottonwood I 5 – nb Cottonwood (Tehama County)
Cottonwood I 5 – sb Cottonwood (Tehama County)
Dunsmuir Grade (Shasta) I 5 – sb Mt. Shasta (Siskiyou county at Mott Road)
San Onofre (Oceanside) I 5 – nb 67 Oceanside (north of callbox 5-667)
San Onofre (Oceanside) I 5 – sb 67 Oceanside (north of callbox 5-667)
Grapevine (Castaic) I 5 – nb Santa Clarita (LA county- at callbox 5-545)
Santa Nella I 5 – nb South of callbox 50-238
Santa Nella I 5 – sb north of callbox 5-238
Grapevine (Wheeler Ridge) I 5 – sb Lebec (Kern county- between callbox 5-112 and 5-126)
Winterhaven I 8 – wb Winterhaven
Desert Hills (Banning) I 10 – eb Banning
Desert Hills (Banning) I 10 – wb Banning
Blythe (Black Hawk) I 10 – wb Blythe
Cajon I 15 – nb San Bernardino County
Cajon I 15 – sb San Bernardino County
Rainbow (Temecula) I 15 – nb Temecula (callbox 15-17)
Rainbow (Temecula) I 15 – sb Temecula (callbox 15-539, at Rainbow Valley Blvd)
Two Rock (Willits) RT 20 – eb Mendocino County
Camino RT 50 – wb El Dorado County
Keene (Tehachapi) RT 58 – eb 137 Keene
Cache Creek (Tehachapi) RT 58 – wb 162 Mojave (7 miles west of CA 14)
Keddie RT 70 – wb Plumas County at junction of CA 89
Antelope (Sacramento) I 80 – eb Antelope (12.5 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento)
Antelope (Sacramento) I 80 – wb Antelope (12.5 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento)
Cordelia I 80 – eb Suisun (southwest of Fairfield)
Cordelia I 80 – wb Suisun (southwest of Fairfield)
Donner Pass (Truckee) I 80 – wb Truckee (Nevada county)
Peralta (Anaheim) RT 91 – eb Perlita Hills area
Peralta (Anaheim) RT 91 – wb Perlita Hills area
Chowchilla River RT 99 – nb Le Grand
Livingston RT 99 – sb
Conejo (Thousand Oaks) RT 101 – nb Thousand Oaks (between callbox 101-84 and 101-94)
Conejo (Thousand Oaks) RT 101 – sb Thousand Oaks (between callbox 101-84 and 101-94)
Gilroy RT 101 – nb San Martin (5 miles north of 152 east)
Gilroy RT 101 – sb San Martin (5 miles north of 152 east)
Little River RT 101 – sb Humboldt county 8.5 miles north of Arcata
Terra Linda (San Rafael) RT 101 – nb between I 580 and route 37
St. Vincents (San Rafael) RT 101 – sb between I 580 and route 37, south of callbox 101-154
Willits RT 101 – sb at CA 20
Lyons Dam RT 108 – wb north east of Long Barn in the Sierra Nevadas on the east edge of the 108 truck route
Calexico RT 111 – nb east of E. Carr Rd.
Buckhorn (Blue Lake) RT 299 – wb east of Arcata on route 299
Whiskeytown RT 299 – eb west of Redding on CA 299
Carson I 405 – nb Torrance (just north of callbox 405-116)
Carson I 405 – sb Torrance (just north of callbox 405-116)
Livermore I 580 – eb Livermore
Livermore I 580 – wb Livermore
Mission Grade (Fremont) I 680 – nb Sunol
Walnut Creek I 680 – nb north of route 24
Walnut Creek I 680 – sb north of route 24
Nimitz (Fremont) I 880 – nb Fremont (14 miles south of CA 92)
Nimitz (Fremont) I 880 – sb Fremont (14 miles south of CA 92)
Otay Mesa I 905 – nb San Diego (12 miles east of I 5 on 905/Otay Mesa Road east of)
Brea (Fullerton) RT 57 – nb Brea
San Luis Reservoir RT 152 – wb at callbox 152-347
San Luis Reservoir RT 152 – eb at callbox 152-347
Vallejo (Novato) RT 37 – eb 2.5 (county) Novato (just west of call box 37-036)
Vallejo (Novato) RT 37 – wb 2.5 Novato (Sonoma County)
Acton (Canyon Country) RT 14 – nb Acton
Acton 14 – sb Acton
Moorpark (Moorpark) RT 118 – wb Moorpark (between route 34 and route 23)
Moorpark (Moorpark) RT 118 – eb Moorpark (between route 34 and route 23)
Wausau RT 213 – nb Lomita
Myers Flat (The Brooks) 101 – nb/sb Myers Flat (north of Miranda)