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Cajon Weigh Station Information


Cajon California Weigh Station Truck Scale Picture Thanks for the picture, Maurice!
Thanks for the picture, Maurice!

Cajon California Weigh Station Truck Scale Picture  South Bound Cajon Scale House Looking Back after Crossing
Cajon California Weigh Station Truck Scale Picture  Cajon Truck Scale South Bound
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State: California Scales and DOT
Highway: I 15 – sb
Location: San Bernardino County

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Parking: There is a Pilot truck stop at the top of the hill north of the Cajon truck scale.



The Cajon scale is located at the bottom of the Cajon grade. This is one of the steep grades with reduced speeds for trucks. At the very top of the hill there is a truck brake check area. Following the brake check, trucks are required to slow down. California bears will sit in the middle sometimes as you go down the grade, so you’ll want to pay attention to that speed limit.

Truckers who take the hill slowly will often find that the weigh station will be closed when they get there- all the trucks passing them filled it up. It’s one of the California weigh stations that closes when the ramp gets full.

There have also been a few truck wrecks in the area- truckers coming down the hill have clipped others that are waiting in line at the weigh station. It’s not a pretty sight.

After clearing the weigh scale, the roadway curves around to the right. Then the roadway splits. To the right is I 15 and to the left is I 215. Truckers in this area need to keep an eye out for cars making last minute lane changes.

The Cajon scale is the only California weigh station that many truckers ever cross. Going in and out of L.A. on cross-country runs from New Jersey, a trucker could route this way every time he came in and out of the L.A. area.

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