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New Mexico Weigh Station & DOT Information

New Mexico state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 34

All commercial vehicles are required to enter the ports of entry in New Mexico if they are open. This means anyone hauling anything that is used for profit must enter. If someone is transporting their own personal goods (moving etc), they are not required to enter the ports no matter how large the truck. But a private, not-for-hire race hauler IS required to enter, because a race car is used for financial gain. If someone is hauling their own personal horses or livestock for personal reasons (not for racing or selling), they are only required to enter the ports if there is a sign saying that all vehicles with livestock must enter. That is different from all commercial vehicles with livestock.

Any vehicle or combination of vehicle traveling in New Mexico is allowed a 400 lb gross weigh tolerance if the vehicle has an APU (idle reduction technology) according to 66-7-410 in the New Mexico code of law.

PrePass trucks that receive a green light in New Mexico must still enter an open weigh station if they are pulling an oversize/overweight (even permitted) load.

Every October you will see hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky above Albuquerque- it’s quite a sight if you are fortunate enough to drive through during the event. The event- called The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta- will be held this year October 6 thru 15. For truckers who can find a parking spot and wish to get up close to the event, the launching field is located on Alameda Blvd about 1 mile west of I 25. The admission fee is $6.00 for anyone 12-years-old or older and free for those under 12. No pets allowed. If you are interested in attending, call the information number at 888-422-7277.

New Mexico is arguably the Extraterrestrial center of the United States. Roswell and the Very Large Array are hard to top when it comes to E.T. incidents.

Roswell is site of the famed 1947 alien crash. A local rancher found the debris from a crash on his land and reported it to the local authorities. A clean up crew from the Roswell Army Air Field came out and cleared away the wreckage. The town of Roswell has capitalized on their “alien history” to draw in tourists and make some money off Roswell’s out of this world fame. Whether the UFO crash was truly an alien craft or a weather balloon or a craft used in a secret government program is still under debate today. It was certainly a flying object and it was certainly unidentified. Roswell is also home to the International UFO Museum and Research center. Two of the museum’s founders are the man who was the Public Information Officer for Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 and one of witnesses of the 1947 alien space craft incident. If you want to tour the museum, there is a $2 fee for adults (18 and over) and a $1 fee for children. For more information, you can call the museum at 505-625-9495.

The Very Large Array (VLA) of radio antennas is located west of I 25 just south of route 60, west of Socorro. Truckers headed to or from Arizona on route 60 will pass very close to the VLA, which is part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The VLA is a group of 27 radio antennas- each of which is longer in diameter than the average tractor trailer truck if you measure it bumper to bumper. 82 feet across is quite a spread! The antennas are used to listen for signals from out of space in the search for life beyond our planet.

The New Mexico fuel tax rate is $0.19 per gallon of diesel. This includes a penny per gallon loading fee.

According to driver M. Brown, truckers traveling on route 82 with a 53 foot trailer may find themselves paying a hefty fine. Mr. Brown was traveling on route 82 to avoid a blizzard on I 40. He was pulled over in Cloudcroft, NM, just east of Alamogordo and given a ticket for $375 by a sheriff’s deputy because he had a 53 foot trailer.

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Important Phone Numbers:
State Highway Patrol: 505-827-9219
Public Regulation Commission: 505-827-4519
Commercial Vehicle Registration: 505-827-0392
Office of Motor Carriers: 505-346-7858
Oversize/Overweight Permits: 505-827-0376
Road Advisory Hotline: 800-432-4269
PrePass: 800-773-7277


Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Anthony I 10 – wb 159 Anthony (west of TX border)
Lordsburg I 10 & RT 70 – eb 23.5 Lordsburg (23 miles east of AZ border)
Lordsburg I 10 & RT 70 – wb 24 Lordsburg (23 miles east of AZ border)
Acacia (Socorro) I 25 – nb 165.5 Acacia
Acacia (Socorro) I 25 – sb 165.5 Acacia
La Cienega (Santa Fe) I 25 – nb 267.5 La Cienega (just south of Santa Fe at exit 267)
La Cienega (Santa Fe) I 25 – sb 267.5 La Cienega (just south of Santa Fe at exit 267)
Raton I 25 & RT 85 – sb 460 Raton (.3 miles south of CO border)
Gallup I 40 – eb 12 Gallup (15 miles east of AZ border)
San Jon I 40 – wb 356 San Jon (20 miles west of TX border)
San Jon I 40 – eb 356 San Jon (20 miles west of TX border)
Nara Visa RT 54 – wb 349 Nara Visa (Southwest of the TX border)
Clayton RT 56 64 87 – wb 430 Clayton (9 miles northwest of TX border)
Clovis (Texico) RT 60 70 84 – wb 397 Texico (.5 miles west of TX border)
Melrose RT 60 – eb 366 Melrose (east of the town of Melrose, west of Clovis)
Melrose RT 60 – wb 366 Melrose (east of the town of Melrose, west of Clovis)
Vaughn RT 60 – eb Vaughn (on the east side of Vaughn near the junction of 28)
Vaughn RT 60 – wb Vaughn (on the east side of Vaughn near the junction of 28)
Carlsbad (Whites City) RT 62 180 – wb 26 Carlsbad (6 miles southwest of Carlsbad)
Hobbs RT 62 180 – wb 107 Hobbs (1.5 miles west of TX border)
route 70 RT 70 – eb 314 east o f Roswell
route 70 RT 70 – wb 314 east of Roswell
Elida RT 70 – eb 400 Elida (just east of Elida)
Elida RT 70 – wb 400 Elida (just east of Elida)
Cedar Hill (Farmington) RT 550 – sb approximately 2 miles south of the CO line
Shiprock (Farmington) RT 666 491 – sb 92.5 Shiprock (6 miles south of CO border in the northwest corner of NM)
Alamogordo Alamogordo
Anthony I 10 – eb Anthony
Roswell RT 285 – no 150 2 miles north of route 20
Roswell RT 285 – sb 150 2 miles north of route 20
Carlsbad (Otis) RT 285 – sb 23.5 south of Carlsbad
Demming RT 26 – eb wb 10.5 east of Demming
Gallup I 40 – wb 12 Gallup (15 miles east of AZ border)
Orogrande RT 54 – eb 41 5 miles east of Orogrande