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Illinois Weigh Station & DOT Information

Illinois state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 32

Illinois has signs on the freeway that say all trucks over 8 tons must weigh at the truck weigh stations.

PrePass trucks that receive a green light in Illinois must still enter an open weigh station if they are pulling an oversize/overweight (even permitted) load.

Illinois was a split speed limit state until 2009, with a 65 mph limit for cars and a 55 mph limit for trucks. But now cars and trucks have equal speed limits.

You’ll see a lot of bears rolling around, too. And most times no one says anything on the radio about them. There used to be a bear who patrolled a stretch of I 70 and who would get on the cb radio and announce himself. Someone would ask, “where’s that bear at?” and he would respond, “I’m right here, in the white car with the yellow strip and the lights.” He was a nice guy and wouldn’t give you a ticket unless you REALLY deserved one- but he WOULD tell you to slow it down.

Chicago, Illinois, may be a nice place to visit if you’re on vacation, but for truckers it can be a real nightmare. Low bridges, unbelieveable traffic, construction, and toll roads all combine to make for a real 18-wheeler headache. Truckers who want truck-friendly routing to their Chicago destination can call 312-744-6460 for help.

The Illinois fuel tax rate is $0.413 per gallon of diesel fuel. This includes a 6.25% sales tax. Local governments can levy additional taxes. The city of Chicago levies an additional $0.1275 tax.

Over-Gross Weight Tolerance: Premium Content

Over-Gross Weight Procedures: Premium Content

Over-Axel Weight Tolerance: Premium Content

Overweight Fines and Consequences: Premium Content

Important Phone Numbers:
State Highway Patrol: 217-782-1320
Overweight/Oversize Permits: 217-785-1477/312-744-4652
IRP: 217-782-4815
Trip Permits: 217-524-7887
Toll Highway Authority: 630-241-6988
Toll Highway Trucking Permits: 630-241-6800 ext 3822
I-Pass: 800-824-7277/630-241-6800 ext 4310
PrePass: 800-773-7277
Chicago Area DOT Truck Routing: 312-744-6460


Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Rosencrans RT 41 – sb North of Ill 173
Harvard RT 14 3 miles north of Harvard
Villa Park RT 83 jct of St. Charles Road
Carlock I 74 – eb 122 east of Carlock
Richmond RT 12 North of Ill 173
East Moline I 80 – eb 2 Moline
East Moline I 80 – wb 2 Moline
Chicago Heights RT 30 east of Torrence Ave.
Wadsworth RT 41 – nb south of Ill 173
Frankfort (Tinley Park) I 80 – wb 147.5 east of US 45
Frankfort (Tinley Park) I 80 – eb 143.5 Frankfort (west of US 45)
Compton RT 30 – nb sb eb wb .1 mile east of route 251 on route 30
Moline I 74 280 – wb 8 Moline (east of US 6)
Peotone I 57 – nb 330 north of Peotone
Weigh Station 14 (Marion) I 57 – nb 46 Marion (north of the I 24 junction on I 57)
Brownstown I 70 – eb 71.5 Brownstown (west of the I 57 junction on I 70)
Bolingbrook (Joliet) I 55 – nb 265.5 west of I 355
Bolingbrook (Joliet) I 55 – sb 265.5 west of I 355
Sheldon RT 52 24 east of Sheldon
Weigh Station 18 (Marion) I 57 – sb 47 north of the I 24 junction on I 57
East Moline I 80 – eb 2 Moline (just east of the IA border)
Pittsfield RT 36 54 west edge of Pittsfield
Marshall I 70 – wb 151 5 miles east of Ill 1
Moline I 74 280 – eb 6 Moline (east of US 6)
Peotone I 57 – sb 330 north of Peotone
Carlock I 74 – wb 122 east of Carlock
Crossville RT 14, 1 – nb sb Crossville (Crossville)
Ware RT 3 south of Ill 146
Maryville I 55 70 – wb 13.5 west of Troy, Illinois
Litchfield I 55 – nb 57 north of Litchfield
Williamsville I 55 – sb 106.5 south of Williamsville
O’Fallon I 64 – eb 18 west of Ill 158