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Oregon Weigh Station & DOT Information

Oregon state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 74

Oregon (along with California and Washington) issues CVSA stickers for trucks and trailers that have passed inspections. The stickers are color coded and have cut-outs on the corners. This system allows a DOT officer to look at your windshield and know at a glance if you’ve passed an inspection and when.

Vehicles over 20,000 lbs are required to enter Oregon weigh stations.

Don’t even think about blowing by Oregon weigh stations. Oregon is spending big bucks to install cameras in the roadway- they’ll catch you if you just fly on by. You’ll get a citation- $427 to $2,500- in the mail and have a court appearance to deal with.

Oregon Senate bill 223 officially allows trucks with APU (auxiliary power units) an extra 400 lbs in their gross weight limits. Oregon complies with the federal ruling and requires written certification of the APU’s weight. Oregon motor carrier enforcement officers have been allowing the 400 pound weight exemption since February of 2006. The APU must be in working condition.

Many Oregon weigh stations look like they have PrePass AVI equipment, but Oregon uses what they call Green Pass. It’s similar to PrePass, but doesn’t use the same signals. If you have PrePass, your transponder may give a signal, but it will always give you the red light.

One of the most notorious hills in trucking is located in Oregon. Cabbage, as it is called, is on I 84 between Pendleton and La Grande. The official name for Cabbage Hill is actually Emigrant Hill, but no one will know what you’re talking about if you call it that. West bound truckers will descend about 2,000 feet in 6 miles of switch backs. For anyone who can’t figure out what that means… it means that that’s one steep hill! Going westbound, truckers will know they are coming up on Cabbage when they pass the Emigrant Hill weigh station. Eastbound truckers will know they are coming up to the upgrade when they pass through Pendleton (you can’t miss seeing the big hill in front of you!). Going west bound, truckers are advised to stop in the brake check area at the weigh station to check their brakes. As you come up to the down grade, there is a sign showing recommended speeds based on what your weight is. The heavier you are, the slower you need to go. The hill stretches from mile marker 227 to mile marker 217 and there are truck escape ramps at mile markers 221 and 220.

On I 5 just south of the border to Washington State, truckers can spend some time at the Jubitz Truck Stop. The truck stop is a popular trucking destination because of the quality services it offers for truckers and travelers. The trucker’s center (called the Top of the Stop) has showers- including king-size jacuzzi shower rooms, a trucker’s lounge and an electronics room. The main building features a movie theater, the Cascade Grill restaurant and the Ponderosa Lounge. The Ponderosa Lounge features country music and live bands on the weekends. The main building also has full-service laundry facilities and an adjacent hotel (the Portlander Inn).

Oregon is one of a few states that does not charge sales tax on retail purchases. So if you need to buy anything and you’re headed that way, you may want to put off your purchases until you cross the state line into Oregon. This doesn’t go for fuel. Oregon doesn’t participate in the IFTA program- they charge a weight-mile tax instead. So any fuel you purchase in Oregon doesn’t count toward your IFTA… meaning that if you buy fuel in Oregon rather than in Idaho, California or Washington, you will end up paying more toward your IFTA tax. Be sure to have the permit in the cab at all times when traveling in Oregon- for a new calendar year, there is a grace period on carrying the permit until March, but you need to be sure to have the fuel tax permit renewed.

If you’re trying to talk to other truckers on a north/south route like I 5 or route 97, you’ll need to switch your cb radio to channel 17. Truckers run channel 17 from Lost Hills, California, to the Canadian border on north/south routes, and channel 19 on east/west routes.

The Oregon fuel tax rate is $0.243 per gallon of diesel. County taxes may be anywhere from $0.01 to $0.03 per gallon and city taxes may be anywhere from $0.01 to $0.05 per gallon. Don’t overlook the weight mile tax imposed on truckers traveling through Oregon when you are considering your fueling options.

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Important Phone Numbers:
Oregon Permits (After Hours/Holidays): 503-378-6699


Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Ashland POE I 5 – nb 18 Ashland (2 miles north of Ashland)
Ashland POE I 5 – sb 18 Ashland (2 miles north of Ashland)
Booth Ranch weigh station I 5 – nb 111 Booth Ranch (3 miles north of Myrtle Creek)
Wilbur weigh station I 5 – sb 130 Wilbur (5 miles north of Roseburg)
Woodburn POE I 5 – nb 274 Woodburn (2.5 miles north of Woodburn)
Woodburn POE I 5 – sb 274.5 Woodburn (2.5 miles north of Woodburn)
Tillamook RT 6 – eb 2.5 Tillamook (2 miles east of Tillamook)
Tillamook RT 6 – wb 2.5 Tillamook (2 miles east of Tillamook)
Baker City RT 7 – nb sb 48.5 Baker City (2.75 miles south of US 30)
Fort Hill RT 18 – eb 24 Fort Hill (east of Valley Junction)
Fort Hill RT 18 – wb 24 Fort Hill (east of Valley Junction)
Foster RT 20 – wb 32 Foster (6 miles east of Foster)
Philomath (Corvallis) RT 20 – eb 51.5 Philomath (on the eastern edge of the town of Philomath)
Vale (Ontario) RT 20 26 – eb wb 249 Vale (1.5 miles east of Vale, 9.6 miles west of the 201,)
Sisters (Bend) RT 20 126 – eb 93 Sisters (at the junction of route 126 and route 20 on the eastern edge of the town of Sisters)
Burns RT 20 395 – eb wb 134 Burns (.5 miles west of route 395 north)
Gates (Mill City) RT 22 – wb 32 Gates (1 mile west of Gates)
Eola (Salem) RT 22 – eb 21.5 Eola (4 miles west of Salem)
Brightwood RT 26 – eb 36.5 Brightwood (12 miles east of Sandy)
Brightwood RT 26 – wb 36.5 Brightwood (12 miles east of Sandy)
North Plains Beaverton & RT 26 – eb 54 North Plains (2 miles northwest of North Plains)
Prineville RT 26 – eb 21 Prineville (1 mile east of Prinevill)
John Day (Canyon City) RT 26 395 – eb wb 161 John Day
Rocky Point weigh station RT 30 – wb 16.5 Rocky Point (3.5 miles east of Rocky Point)
Silver Lake RT 31 – nb 47.3 Silver Lake
Cheshire (Eugene) RT 36 – eb 46 Cheshire (1 mile west of Cheshire)
Cheshire (Eugene) RT 36 – wb 46 Cheshire (1 mile west of Cheshire)
Reedsport RT 38 – wb 2 Reedsport
Winston (Dillard) RT 42 – eb 71 Brockway (2 miles west of Winston)
Coquille (Coos Bay) RT 42 – nb 5.5 Coaledo (5 miles north of Coquille)
Myrtle Point RT 42 – wb 22 Myrtle Point
Lowell (Eugene) RT 58 – eb 17 Lowell (4 miles east of Lowell Junction)
Lowell Highway weigh station (Eugene) RT 58 – wb 17 Lowell (4 miles east of Lowell Junction)
Eagle Point (Medford) RT 62 – nb 12 Eagle Point
Eagle Point (Medford) RT 62 – sb 12 Eagle Point
White City (Medford) RT 62 – sb 7.5 White City (5 miles north of Medford)
Cascade Locks POE I 84 – eb 45 Cascade Locks
Emigrant Hill weigh station I 84 – wb 227 Emigrant Hill (18 miles east of Pendleton)
Olds Ferry Weigh Station I 84 – eb 354.5 Farewell Bend
La Grande weigh station I 84 – eb 258.5 LaGrande (2 miles northwest of LaGrande)
Farewell Bend POE I 84 – wb 353 Huntington (Exit 353)
Wyeth weigh station I 84 – wb 54.5 Wyeth (10 miles east of Cascade Locks)
Burns Junction RT 95 – nb Burns Junction (at the junction of OR 78)
Juniper Butte weigh station RT 97 – nb Juniper Butte (13.5 miles south of Madras)
Juniper Butte weigh station RT 97 – sb Juniper Butte (15 miles south of Madras)
Klamath Falls POE RT 97 – nb 272 Klamath Falls (1 mile north of Klamath Falls)
Klamath Falls RT 97 – sb 271.5 Klamath Falls (1 mile north of Klamath Falls)
Moro RT 97 – sb 16.5 Moro (2 miles north of Moro, verified 15.5 miles south of I 90)
Ashland RT 99 – nb 17 Ashland (2 miles north of Ashland)
Hubbard (Woodburn) RT 99E – nb 28 Hubbard (1 mile north of Hubbard)
Hubbard (Woodburn) RT 99E – sb 28 Hubbard (1 mile north of Hubbard)
Dayton (McMinnville) RT 99W – sb 29 Dayton (north of Dayton Junction)
Bandon (Coos Bay) RT 101 – nb 276 Bandon (2 miles south of Bandon)
Brookings RT 101 – nb 358 Brookings (north of the California border)
Hauser (Coos Bay) RT 101 – sb 228 Hauser (6 miles north of Coos Bay bridge)
Seaside (Astoria) RT 101 26 – nb 14.5 Seaside (7 miles north of Seaside)
Waldport RT 101 – nb 157.5 Waldport (.5 miles south of Waldport)
Noti (Eugene) RT 126 – eb 43 Noti (.5 miles east of Noti)
Walterville (Springfield) RT 126 – wb 13 Walterville (10 miles east of Springfield)
Glide (Roseburg) RT 138 – wb 15 Glide (1 mile west of Glide)
Lake Creek RT 140 – wb 14 Lake Creek (20 miles east of Medford)
Lakeview RT 140 – eb 95.5 Lakeview
Lakeview RT 140 – wb 95.5 Lakeview
Grants Pass RT 199 – nb 0.5 Grants Pass
Wilderville (Grants Pass) RT 199 – nb 9 Wilderville (8 miles south of Grants Pass)
Rock Creek (Clackamas) RT 212 – wb 8 Rock Creek (.2 miles west of route 224)
Memaloose (Estacata) RT 224 – wb 33.5 Memaloose (10 miles southeast of Estacata, in the area of North fork Dam)
Pilot Rock (Pendleton) RT 395 – nb 16 Pilot Rock
Umatilla POE I 82 & RT 730 – eb wb 184 Umatilla (730/I 82 junction)
Woodburn (Ehlen Road) RT Ehlen Road – wb west of the truck stops on Ehlen Road
Horse Ridge Summit Scale (Bend) RT 20 – wb 11.5 Bend (11.5 miles east of Bend)
Adair Village RT 99W – nb 72.5 Adair Village (just south of the Polk County/Benton County line)
Brooks Brooklake Road – eb Brooks (.5 miles east of I 5)
Bend RT 97 – nb Bend (south of Bend)