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South Carolina Weigh Station & DOT Information

South Carolina state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 13

South Carolina has color-coded signs to tell you if the weigh station is open or closed. Closed is in red lights and Open is in green lights. This is not a uniform color-coding in all states- some use red for open and green for closed.

The South Carolina fuel tax rate is $0.168 per gallon of diesel fuel. This rate includes a $0.0025 per gallon inspection fee and a $0.005 per gallon environmental fee for underground storage tank (UST) cleanup.

Over-Gross Weight Procedures: Premium Content

Overweight Fines and Consequences: Premium Content

Dodging the Scales: Premium Content

Blowing By the Scales: Premium Content


Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Steedman (Columbia) I 20 – eb 35 Aiken County
Lexington (Columbia) I 20 – wb 53.5 Lexington
Chapin (Columbia) I 26 – wb 93.5 Columbia (17 miles west of Columbia)
Harleyville (Charleston) I 26 – eb 173 Harleyville (east of I 95)
Harleyville (Charleston) I 26 – wb 174 Harleyville (east of I 95)
Rock Hill (Charlotte) I 77 – nb 89 Rock Hill (at the North Carolina border)
Rock Hill (Charlotte) I 77 – sb 85 Rock Hill (5 miles south of NC border)
Fair Play I 85 – nb 9 Fair Play (9 miles north of GA border)
Hardeeville I 95 – nb 4 Hardeeville (4 miles north of GA border)
Hardeeville I 95 – sb 4 Hardeeville (4 miles north of GA border)
Canadys I 95 – sb 74 Canadys
Canadys I 95 – nb 74 Canadys
Pomeria (Columbia) I 26 – eb 81 west of Columbia