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Pennsylvania Weigh Station & DOT Information

Pennsylvania state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 32

Pennsylvania has only two permanent weigh station locations with stationary scales up on I 80 in Clarion. There is one on I 80 east bound at that location and one on I 80 west bound. All the other weigh station locations are rest areas or other areas where DOT brings out a van and sets up with portables. You’ll see in a lot of Pennsylvania rest areas that there are weigh in motion plates on the exit ramps. Be prepared whenever you enter the state of Pennyslvania to encounter a mobil unit at a rest area or welcome center. Chances are they won’t be set up, but you never know… and they COULD be. Better safe than sorry.

The Pennsylvania fuel tax rate is $0.392 per gallon of diesel fuel. This rate includes a $0.261 per gallon oil company franchise tax and a $0.011 per gallon underground storage tank (UST) fee.

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Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Smithfield Smithfiled (Black Hill Road)
North Liverpool (Harrisburg) RT 11 15 North Liverpool (north of Harrisburg)
Blossburg RT 15 Blossburg (about 40 miles north of Williamsport on route 15)
New Garden RT 41 New Garden (between route 1 and the DE border)
Pittsburgh RT 51 at jct PA 60, West End Bridge
Washington I 70 – eb 5
Ephrata I 76 – wb 279.5 Ephrata (between Harrisburg and Philly)
Washington I 79 – sb 30.5 Washington (south of I 70)
Carroll I 80 – eb 194 Carroll (just west of the Union County line in Clinton County, between old exit 28 and old exit 29)
Carroll I 80 – wb 194 Carroll (between old exit 28 and 29)
Clarion I 80 – eb 56 Clarion (east of old exit 7)
Clarion I 80 – wb 56 Clarion (east of old exit 7)
Hetlerville (Berwick) I 80 – eb 246 Hetlerville (between old exit 37 and 38)
Hetlerville (Berwick) I 80 – wb 246 Hetlerville (between old exit 37 and 38)
Greencastle (Kauffman) I 81 – nb 7
Nuangola (Wilkes-Barre) I 81 – nb 156 Nuangola
Nuangola (Wilkes-Barre) I 81 – sb 158 Nuangola
Philadelphia (Trenton NJ) I 95 – sb 49.5 Yardley (just south of the NJ border)
Linwood (Wilmington DE) I 95 – nb 0.5 just north of the DE border
Exton (Lionville) RT 100 – wb at Marchwood Rd apprx 2 mi. S of the PA tnpk
Prospect (Butler) RT 422 – eb Prospect
Prospect (Butler) RT 422 – wb Prospect
Hazelton 81 – nb 132
Shellsville (Harrisburg) I 81 – nb Shellsville (north of Harrisburg)
Shellsville (Harrisburg) I 81 – sb Shellsville (north of Harrisburg)
Greentown (Scranton) I 84 – wb east of Scranton
Greencastle (Kauffman) I 81 – sb 10.5
Great Bend I 81 – sb 232 at the New York border
Cuddy (Pittsburgh) I 79 – nb 50.5 Cuddy (south of Pittsburgh)
Cuddy (Pittsburgh) I 79 – sb 50.5 Cuddy (south of Pittsburgh)
West Springfield (Erie) I 90 – eb 2 West Springfield (near the Ohio border)
North East (Erie) I 90 – wb North East (at the New York border)