Week of 2/8/11 Weigh Station Alert! Eastern Arizona-especially between Benson and Willcox

8th, 2011 by Coops Admin

Thanks to Mike D for this much needed heads up!

Arizona enforcement officials are busy working the stretch of I-10 east of Tucson, and especially the stretch between Benson, Arizona, and Willcox, Arizona, so be proactive about your paperwork and equipment. Drivers tell us there is an enforcement trailer set up in the rest area between Benson and Willcox and that the hotel parking lot near the TA truckstop in Willcox is filled with enforcement vehicles. At this time, the bulk of the enforcement seems to be centered on the east bound rest area between exit 318 and exit 322. Drivers report several red tagged trucks pulling into the TA truckstop at exit 340.

It sounds like officers plan to be set up in the area for quite a while- the rumor is that they’ll be there for the rest of the week… so Happy Valentine’s Day!

This report is accurate as of 12:45 pm central time.

If you know anyone who would like to receive Weigh Station Alerts, please help get the word out. And, as always, if you see increased weigh station or truck inspection activity, keep us informed! Email us at alerts@coopsareopen.com.

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