Trucking School 101

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I’ve been driving an 18-wheeler for 11 years. People always ask “is it hard to drive that thing.” The answer is: yes and no. Once you’re used to driving an 18-wheeler, it’s not hard. But it takes a lot of practice, patience, and paying attention to get good. You know a guy has been trucking a long time when he can blind side it into a hole between two trucks without having to pull up once. For the rest of us, it’s a good idea to have an extra set of eyes watching from outside the truck, go slow, and not worry about looking dumb when you need to make a correction.
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Trucking Owner-Operator Pitfalls

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There are a lot of good trucking companies out there. I have known company drivers for US Express, USA Truck, Schneider Trucking, Werner Trucking, and LTL trucking companies like Yellow Freight and Roadway Express that were really knocking back the cash. I personally have worked for Continental Express and Digby Truck Lines and did quite well. But for some drivers, working for someone else just isn’t enough…

The problem for some is that the lure of the open road tricks them into becoming owner operators before they are ready.
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Truckers: they’re not just holding a steering wheel.

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Trucking jobs aren’t just about driving. When you think of a job in trucking, you think about riding down the big road, living the American dream, steering and gearing.

But there’s more to trucking that sitting behind the wheel.

There’s regular old freight trucking (dry goods like toilet paper, cereal, packages). But there’s also flatbed trucking (steel coils, pipes), refrigerated trucking–called reefers (temperature sensitive goods like ice cream, frozen dinners, produce), tankers (liquid or gaseous substances like gasoline, milk, and propane), and car hauling.

All of these require special knowledge and training.
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