Overweight in Wyoming?

30th, 2007 by Coops Admin

Contrary to what you may have heard, you won’t be able to run 2,000 pounds overweight in Wyoming.

Recent trucking publications have put out some information that can be easily misinterpreted. The publications indicate that Wyoming will allow overweight trucks 2,000 pounds for chains, tarps and donnage. That 2,000 pounds only applies to non-divisible loads- permited loads and/or super loads. If your load is divisible, you don’t get the allowance.

Enforcement officers at both the Evanston I 80 east bound port of entry and at the Cheyenne I 80 west bound port of entry confirm that the 2,000 pound weight tolerance applies only to non-divisible loads.

The difference between a divisible load and a non-divisible load is simple. A divisible load can be broken down into smaller parts- cars, pallets, boxes, coils and the like. A non-divisible load must be transported as a whole- a yacht, windmill generators, steel girders, etc. A non-divisible load can apply for overweight/oversize permits in Wyoming, and Wyoming will allow the 2,000 pound tolerance for the chains, tarps and donnage.

Wyoming considers chains, tarps and donnage to be safety devices. Chains tie the load down. Tarps keep it covered. And donnage is the blocks and boards used to shore the load up.

Wyoming does allow tri-axle trucks pulling either tri-axle or spread-axle trailers to purchase a temporary registration for increased weight. This is provided that the truck is over-gross and not over axle and that the truck complies with the bridge law.

Trucks with tri-axle or spread-axle trailers can also register through the IRP for higher gross weights in Wyoming.

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  1. Tom Dyer Says:

    I haul livestock and I live in Wyoming. When you register your truck WY will allow you to register for 84,000 for 5 axles 12,000str 36,000 drives and 36,000 tandems but it must be on your regisration. I have a spread with a 3 axle tractor and can go to 88,000 in WY.

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