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Nebraska Weigh Station & DOT Information

Nebraska state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 17

Trucks that weigh more than 10,000 lbs gross and pickup trucks that are pulling trailers must weigh at Nebraska weigh stations. RVs don’t.

PrePass trucks that receive a green light in Nebraska must still enter an open weigh station if they are pulling an oversize/overweight (even permitted) load.

Nebraska has a museum that crosses over the I-80 freeway at mile marker 275 called the Archway Museum. There are big fines for travelers who stop to take pictures of the sight. You can take exit number 272 (Great Platte River Road) and go to visit the museum instead.

In western Nebraska, you can visit one of the original Cabella’s stores. These days there are Cabella’s stores popping up everywhere, but for years, truckers would plan a stop in at exit 59 on I 80 in Sidney, Nebraska, to buy outdoor and winter gear. The Sidney, Nebraska, store has ample truck and RV parking.

The Nebraska fuel tax rate is $0.233 per gallon of diesel. This rate includes $0.003 per gallon release prevention fee. Nebraska’s fuel tax rate is variable. It has a base rate of $0.125 per gallon plus a variable rate of $0.10 per gallon. This variable rate was reduced $0.04 per gallon on January 1, 2008.

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Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Nebraska City RT 2 – eb Nebraska City (3 miles west of Nebraska City)
Nebraska City RT 2 – wb Nebraska City (3 miles west of Nebraska City)
Waverly (Lincoln) RT 6 – eb wb 327.5 Waverly (1.5 miles northeast of Waverly)
Laurel RT 20 15 59 – nb sb 394 Laurel (at the junction of route 20, 15 and 59, 5.7 miles east of the route 57/59 junction, 5.3 miles west of route 116 on route 20)
O’Neil RT 20 275 – eb Stafford (5 miles southeast of Inman)
O’Neil RT 20 275 – wb 5 miles southeast of Inman
North Platte RT 30 – eb wb North Platte (1 mile east of route 56 G Link on route 30 (on the south side of the roadway))
Plattsmouth RT 73 75 – nb Plattsmouth (3 miles north of Plattsmouth)
Winslow (Fremont) RT 77 – nb sb 123 Winslow (south of US 275)
Wahoo RT 77 92 – nb sb eb wb Wahoo (2 miles northeast of Wahoo)
Waverly East I 80 (Lincoln) I 80 – eb 415 Greenwood
Waverly West I 80 (Lincoln) I 80 – wb 415 Greenwood
North Platte I 80 – eb 180.5 North Platte (3 miles east of North Platte)
North Platte I 80 – wb 180.5 North Platte (3 miles east of North Platte)
Hebron Expressway RT 81 – nb Hebron (4 miles south of Hebron)
Hebron Expressway RT 81 – sb Hebron (4 miles south of Hebron)
Hebron RT 136 Hebron