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Michigan Weigh Station & DOT Information

Michigan state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 21

Michigan has local trucks called Michigan trains. These are covered-wagon trailers that have a seemingly endless number of axles. The purpose is to increase the gross weights each truck can haul but are limited to 48-foot trailers and shorter. For quite some time, Michigan would ticket a tri-axle 53-foot trailer even if the gross weight was 80,000. They have changed this law and now tri-axle 53 footers are allowed. Currently, Michigan is a split speed limit state. Trucks used to be limited to 55 mph in a 70 mph zone for cars. But the law changed on November 9, 2006. Now trucks are restricted to 60 mph maximum while cars are allowed 70 mph.

The Michigan fuel tax rate is $0.359 per gallon of diesel. This rate includes a 6% sales tax and $0.00875 per gallon for an environmental regulation fee for the refined petroleum fund.

Important Phone Numbers:
State Highway Patrol: 517-332-2521
Center for Truck Safety: 800-682-4682
Overweight/Oversize Permits: 517-373-2121
IRP/Trip Permits: 517-322-1097


Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Cambridge RT 12 50 – nb sb eb wb Lenawee (South of Brooklyn, on the southwest corner of the junction of route 50 and route 12.)
Fowlerville I 96 – eb 125.5 Livingston
Fowlerville I 96 – wb 125.5 Livingston
Grass Lake I 94 – eb 151.5 Jackson
Grass Lake I 94 – wb 151.5 Jackson
Pontiac I 75 – nb Oakland (1 mile nw of Baldwin Road)
Pontiac I 75 – sb Oakland (1 mile nw of Baldwin Road)
Monroe I 75 – nb 7 Monroe
Monroe I 75 – sb 7 Monroe
Coldwater I 69 – nb Branch (6 miles north of IN border)
Port Huron I 69 – wb at Blue Water bridge
New Buffalo I 94 – wb 2 Berrien
New Buffalo I 94 – eb 2 Berrien
Ionia I 96 – eb 69.5 Ionia
Ionia I 96 – wb 69.5 Ionia
Powers RT 2 41 – nb sb Menominee
Mackinac Bridge I 75 – nb Mackinac
Mackinac Bridge I 75 – sb Mackinac
St. Ignace Post
Erie (Monroe) RT 24 – nb Erie (6.8 miles south of MI 50)
Erie (Monroe) RT 24 – sb Erie (6.8 miles south of MI 50)