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Post 9 (Walton) Weigh Station Information


Post 9 (Walton) Kentucky Weigh Station Truck Scale Picture

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State: Kentucky Scales and DOT
Highway: I 71 – sb
Location: Boone County (at the I 71/I 75 split)
Mile Marker: 75
Exit Before: Premium Content
Exit After: Premium Content

Phone: Premium Content
Fax: Premium Content

PrePass: no
Bypass: Norpass
Parking: There is a TA truck stop and two Pilot truck stops at exit 175 on I 75 north of the Walton scale. The Walton weigh station allows trucks to park in the lot.



Once you get onto I 71 south, you will have to cross this scale. There are no exits between the ramp from I 75 and the weigh station.

The Walton weigh station is a designated “safe haven” for truckers. This means truckers are welcome to park there without fear of chancing and unwanted inspection. Kentucky enforcement officers say that truckers may be inspected when they come into the weigh station, but once they have cleared the truck scale and have gone to the “safe haven” lot, they no longer have to be concerned about it. “Safe Haven” weigh stations provide a safe place for truckers to park.

Alternate Route Information

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