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Connecticut Weigh Station & DOT Information

Connecticut state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 8

Connecticut weigh stations have signs stating that all trucks and commercial vehicles must stop at scales when they are open.

Connecticut means congestion. Anywhere west or south of Hartford is just, simply GOING to have a lot of traffic. From the New York City traffic (all the way from I 95 at the New York border up to where I 91 turns north in New Haven), to Connecticut traffic- Hartford, Waterford, Danbury, Greenwich… there’s a lot of commuters and travelers on those freeways. But once you get past all that, Connecticut is really quite calm.

Once you get past New Haven on I 95, you’re not likely to have a back up- unless there is a wreck or construction. Traffic, yes. But the traffic is nothing like what goes on south of there.

There is a popular indian casino on I 395 in eastern Connecticut. The Mohegan Sun is a major attraction. Located off exit 79 A on I 395, the casino has plenty of parking and we’ve never experienced a problem getting in, out or parking there. From gambling, to dining to concerts, the Mohegan Sun can be a nice distraction from the sometimes difficult driving you’ll find in New England. To contact the Mohegan Sun, call 888-226-7711.

Another place to check out is the Golden Age of Trucking Museum in Middlebury, Connecticut. The trucking museum features trucks from the early 1900s through 1974. It is located off I 84 at exit 16. From east bound I 84 turn left, from west bound I 84 turn right. Go past the Mobil gas station and the hotel and you’ll see the first entrance to the trucking museum on the right. You can enter through the first entrance but we suggest using the next entrance. There is room for 5 to 7 trucks to park and visit the trucking history museum. For information, contact the museum at 203-577-2181.

The Connecticut fuel tax rate is $0.37 per gallon of diesel. Connecticut used to impose a gross receipts earnings tax on gasoline sold at the the wholesale level that was eliminated in 2007. They, instead, increased the excise tax an additional $0.11 per gallon of diesel.

Over-Gross Weight Tolerance: Premium Content

Over-Axel Weight Tolerance: Premium Content

Over-Axel Weight Procedures: Premium Content

Overweight Fines and Consequences: Premium Content

Important Phone Numbers:
Commercial Vehicle Safety Division: 860-263-5446


Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
Danbury I 84 – eb Danbury (scale is located off exit 2 route 6 and 202, Mill Plain Road/Old Ridgebury Road)
Union I 84 – wb 94 Union (3 miles south of Massachusetts state line)
Meriden I 91 – nb 22 Middletown (north of I 691 turn off)
Greenwich I 95 – nb 2 Greenwich (1 mile south of exit 3)
Westbrook (Saybrook) I 95 – nb 74
Westbrook (Saybrook) I 95 – sb 74
New London I 95 – nb 90.5 New London (approx. 1 mile west of CT 85)
New London I 95 – sb 90.5 New London (approx. 1.3 miles west of CT 85)