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Arizona Weigh Station & DOT Information

Arizona state weigh station map

Total Weigh Stations & Truck Scales: 32

All commercial vehicles over 1 ton (2000 lbs) must enter the Arizona weigh stations if they are open. A commercial vehicle that is less than 1 ton is not required to enter. All vehicles over 10,000 lbs are required to enter the Arizona weigh station.

Arizona has put up lighted signs at the weigh station exit ramps. The scale signs are on the side of the freeway when you approach one of the port of entry stations. They will light up as the trucker goes by to say either TRUCK OK TO BYPASS or TRUCK MUST EXIT TO WEIGH STATION.

Arizona port of entry weigh stations also use PrePass transponders. The smaller stations do not use this. We have found that whatever we get on the PrePass transponder is generally the opposite of whatever the lighted sign says to do. Prepass brochures say that truckers are supposed to follow the in-cab signal on their transponder regardless of what the road sign weigh station sign says.

PrePass trucks that receive a green light in Arizona still must enter an open weigh station if they are carrying a oversize/overweight (unless Class E permit) load, placarded hazmat or hazwaste load, fuel import load, agricultural load, or livestock load.

Truckers planning to get to Phoenix early and park for the night may be in for a big surprise. The truck stops tend to stay full all day- if you’re lucky enough to find a free parking spot, don’t give it up until you’re ready to move on- even the paid parking at Danny’s Big Rig Resort tend to stay full.

If you are heading from Phoenix to Las Vegas area, you may want to consider two routes.

One is to go north on I 17 out of Phoenix to the Carefree Highway west. You’ll take that out and follow route 74 west to route 60 west. In Wickenburg, you’ll follow route 93 up to I 40 west to Kingman. Out of Kingman, you’ll take 93 north, but only as far as route 68. Tractor-trailer trucks are no longer allowed to cross over the Hoover Dam on route 93. You’ll take 68 west over into Nevada (the road turns into route 163) to route 95 north. If you go this way, be sure to stop in Wikieup, AZ, for some good fixin’s at Joe’s BBQ- we hear they serve ‘em up good.

Another route to consider is taking I 10 west out of Phoenix to the Vicksburg Road exit (exit 45). You’ll go north on Vicksburg Road, cross over route 60 and continue on to route 72. You’ll go west on 72 and cross into California (the road turns into route 62). You will have to cross a California “bug check,” but there is no weigh station there. You will turn right out of the bug check on route 95 north and take that in to Vegas.

Arizona has some notable places to park your truck, take a break and look around.

In Williams, you can park your truck and take a train ride to the Grand Canyon for the day. In Dragoon (exit 318 I 10), there is a Dairy Queen with truck parking that advertises “The Thing.” What is it? Well, we suggest you stop in, pay for a ticket and find out for yourself… Between Flagstaff and Winslow on I 40, there is a massive meteor crater. If you’re looking you can just barely make out the upper edges of the crater from the freeway. They have truck parking and there is an admission charge. And if you’re headed up into Colorado during good weather, we suggest you take route 160 sometime and drive right through Monument Valley, where many of the old western films were shot.

The Arizona fuel tax rate is $0.28 per gallon of diesel. But for use class vehicles weighing more than 26,000 lbs (if you’re in a tractor trailer truck, that means you), the rate is $0.37 per gallon of diesel.

Over-Gross Weight Tolerance: Premium Content

Over-Axel Weight Tolerance: Premium Content

Overweight Fines and Consequences: Premium Content

Blowing By the Scales: Premium Content

Important Phone Numbers:
State Highway Patrol: 602-223-2000
DPS Motor Carrier Section: 602-223-2522
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement: fax 602-223-2918
Arizona Commercial Permits: 623-932-2247/623-932-2257
Overweight/Oversize Permits:800-251-5866
IRP: 602-712-6775
Trip Permits: 602-932-2257
PrePass: 800-773-7277


Weigh Station Name Highway / Route Mile Truck Scale Location
I40 WB Port of Entry (Sanders) I 40 – wb 340.5 Sanders (NM Border)
Sanders I 40 – eb 340.5 Sanders (NM Border)
I10 WB Port of Entry (San Simon) I 10 – wb 383.3 San Simon (NM Border)
San Simon I 10 – eb 383.3 San Simon (NM Border)
Douglas State Port of Entry RT 80 370.5 Douglas
Duncan Port of Entry RT 70 – eb wb 384 Duncan (1.2 miles west of the NM border, 35 miles east of route 191 north turnoff)
Ehrenburg Port of Entry I 10 – eb 3.5 Ehrenburg (CA Border)
Ehrenburg Port of Entry I 10 – wb 3.5 Ehrenburg (CA Border)
Fredonia Port of Entry RT 89 alt – sb Fredonia (UT Border)
Kingman Port of Entry RT 93, 68 – sb wb 67 Kingman (at the junction of route 93 and route 68)
Lukeville Port of Entry RT 85 80 Lukeville (Mexico Border)
Naco Port of Entry Naco (near Bisbee/Mexico Border)
Nogales Port of Entry I 19 Nogales (Mexico Border)
Page Port of Entry RT 89 alt – sb 551 Page (UT Border)
Parker Port of Entry RT 72 – eb .5 Parker (CA Border)
San Luis Port of Entry RT 95 1 San Luis (Mexico Border)
Sasabe Port of Entry RT 286 0 Sasabe
Springerville Port of Entry RT 60 – wb 387 Springerville (15 miles west of the NM border on the western edge of Springerville)
St. George Port of Entry I 15 – nb 1 St. George (Utah/Arizona joint POE)
St. George Port of Entry I 15 – sb 1 St. George (Utah/Arizona joint POE)
Teec Nos Pos Port of Entry RT 160 465.2 Teec Nos Pos (Four Corners area)
I 40 EB Topoc Port of Entry I 40 – eb 4 Topoc (CA border)
Yuma business Port of Entry Yuma (156 N 4th Ave)
Yuma Port of Entry I 8 – eb 1 Yuma (CA border)
Munds Park I 17 – nb Munds Park (north of Munds Park)
Canoa Rest Area 19 – nb 19 (km) north of Nogales
Yuma I 8 – wb Yuma
Topock I 40 – wb 4 Topoc (CA border)
Seligman I 40 – eb Seligman (west of Flagstaff)
Munds Park I 17 – sb Munds Park (north of Munds Park)
Verde Valley I 17 – nb Camp Verde
Verde Valley I 17 – sb Camp Verde