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About Us

“Let me tell you something about trucking, son…”

If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that.

We are a husband-and-wife team. We’ve been owner-operators for about 8 years and have been driving for about 11 or so. We started out as company drivers for a refrigerated trucking company in Ohio. That lasted about 6 months until the cold and the crazies got to us. We drove as company drivers for Digby Truck Lines (Green) for about 3 years until we got the itch to buy one of our own.

We’ve learned a lot over the years- as company drivers and especially as owner-operators. We don’t claim to know it all. After hearing as many trucker stories as we have, we finally learned that you can’t believe half of what you hear.

We got the crazy idea to document the scale locations and to find out what was true and what wasn’t. We’ve made a lot of phone calls and asked a lot of questions. We’ve found out the answers to some questions through experience, too. We’ve driven a lot of extra miles to find out where the scales are by actually seeing them ourselves and putting pen to paper to make a record. We’ve found that, sometimes, the trucker’s atlas can help you out and sometimes it can get you in trouble.

We have learned enough to know you can never have too much information. That’s why this site will be continually growing. We will continue to ask questions and we’ll pass the answers along to the rest of you. We plan to venture into the wonderful world of log book violations. We encourage you to contact us with any information you have that we are missing.

We don’t want to take the attitude of “Let me tell you something about trucking, son.” But we do want to help you make the best decisions you can by arming you with information. Happy trucking.